Hashimoto Ben Accounting Office provides tax and accounting-related services such as corporate and individual tax consultation and various tax filing services. We also offer applications for status of residence, visas, etc. for foreigners.


◆ For those who are about to start a business ◆
"I want to have my own store" or "I want to succeed in business" ... We will help you realize such a dream. If you are a first-time entrepreneur, you may be worried about taxes. When you hear about taxation, it seems difficult ... You may think, but leave the tax matters to your tax accountant! We will back up tax returns, company establishment, accounting, accounting, etc.! In addition to accounting and tax returns, we also provide a wide range of assistance, from creating a company startup plan to consulting on financing.
In addition, there are various types of subsidies and subsidies for SMEs and small businesses. We will support companies in taking on new challenges by skillfully utilizing the "subsidy system" to solve the worries related to "cash flow", which is an issue for many managers!

In addition, we also support administrative scrivener services related to status of residence and visa applications for foreigners.

We will do our best with the philosophy of being close to our customers, sharing their worries and joys, and doing our best to support them until they solve their problems.