Hashimoto Ben Accounting Office provides tax and accounting-related services such as corporate and individual tax consultation and various tax filing services. We also offer applications for status of residence, visas, etc. for foreigners.

Voice of the customer support


Mr. Gota
橋本べんOnly Mr. Pays Attention to Hydrogen. For example, the communist party's policy is renewable energy, and Kyushu Electric Power is now subject to power restrictions. Only Mr. Hashimoto is making a proposal ahead of the waste.

Dear Suzuki,
橋本べんis acting and has light footwork.

Mr. Tamura
Only one person is making policy about tax havens.

Dear Mr. Nakamura
I understand tax havens. It's the most unfair, isn't it?

Mr. Matsuda
橋本Mr. 's theory of financial resources is a logical rebuttal of other financial resources, so I was refreshed to hear.

Mr. Tanahashi
All candidates should discuss it.

Mr. Nakai
What is the financial resources problem?橋本I think that is the most detailed.

Mr. Nakao
The problem of a 20 million yen shortage of pensions should be a financial resource problem.橋本Mr. Ben clearly says that.

Dear Mr. Ito
橋本has raised all the choices and knows their strengths and weaknesses.

Dear Mr. Takahashi
I understood well that the tax was taken from the person who does not have money, and it was not taken from the person who had money.

Mr. Tsushima
He is the most knowledgeable person about taxes.

Mr. Hotta
I would like you to tell me the amount of money.

Mr. Furuno
The Olive Tree Party advocates independence toward the United States, a basic income, and a consumption tax of 5%. 橋本says that "tax haven taxation" can be a financial resource from the standpoint of a tax accountant. We will support you.