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Philosophy and policy

橋本べんPhilosophy and Policy

Until now, I have asked the state for services such as safety, education and health, but I have had little interest in tax issues.
But now we have to make it a question of where to source the money from.
Tax evasion by large corporations and the wealthy is closely linked to service cuts for the poor.

For example, when trying to raise the salary of caregivers, the issue of financial resources appears, but the opposition parties have not been able to explain this perspective whether they will be covered by an increase in the consumption tax, whether it will be covered by the issuance of government bonds, or by raising taxes on the wealthy. In Japan today, wealthy people and large corporations do not apply taxes themselves through election cooperation and large amounts of political contributions. In the wake of the fact that they are exempt from taxes and impose heavy taxes on the common people.
This is what"If you send a lot of representatives, there is no taxation on yourself"Are.
This is the principle itself, it is the destruction of democracy.

Therefore, Hashimoto-chin has launched and promoted the following policies.