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To receive pensions from the ruling party withdraw request 20 million yen savings!

The FSA's announcement does not prohibit anger. In addition, the ruling party has requested that the pension be withdrawn from the announcement that it is less than 20 million yen. Before the election, I can only think that I'm bibi. Because this came out, it seems to have avoided "same day selection". I want politicians to take responsibility for "100 years of peace of mind." The average salary of non-regular employees is 1.75 million yen.(Years)。 There are 30% of people who don't have savings. Politicians have increased the number of employees and have 100 million yen including secretarial salaries. In addition, it is said that it is a revival of the assembly member pension. Don't be kidding me. Bakayaro. The first thing we have to do is replace all the politicians. In any case, in contrast, it will be a point of how each party or each politician thinks about the theory of financial resources in this election. I am looking for financial resources in the tax haven tax system. The reasons are as follows. 1. The only source of funds can eliminate deflation by raising taxes in Japan's finances for fire cars, because it is possible to put money from overseas. 2. Even if income tax is raised and corporate tax is raised, the money of the wealthy will run away to foreign countries abroad. 3. The consumption tax is taxed on 100 million people, such as paying taxes even for elementary school students, but only one-10,000 of them are subject to tax haven taxation. It is persuasive to the wealthy and large corporations because there are very few "crying people" and there can be a rise in stock prices. 4. The MMT theory states, "If it is an international issue denominated in its own currency, it does not matter how much it borrows. I'm saying. A. これは、自国通貨建てであれば、その国の中央銀行がいくらでも無制限に信用供与できるのでという意味ですが、20年間で日銀がベースマネー400兆円に膨らまして、国債450兆円を所有しても、成長しない国になっていること。企業の内部留保が450兆円となって、マネーストックが増えないし、成長できなかった事の社会実験は奏功しなかったこと。 イ. Like Argentina, there are examples of failures in their own currencies. C. In addition to denominating in their own currency, there is still a risk that foreigners will be sold off suddenly if they own government bonds denominated in their own currency. D. 供給の壁というのがあり、需要を増やしてもそのことで、ハイパーインフレの懸念があること。 オ. 企業がぬるま湯につかってしまい、革新的モノづくりが進まないこと。 カ. 日本の場合、1%の金利上昇で3兆円もの財政負担が大きくなること。 キ. 1997In 2009, when a bank goes bankrupt, there is a "mounting commotion", so it is necessary to deal with sudden trends. Ku. Japan also had hyperinflation after the war, and my grandfather's deposit became scrap paper. Deng. 現在年金の受給者が4000万人も増えたなかで、ハイパーインフレは、殺人行為になること。 コ. 安倍総理の量的金融緩和の行う前ならまだしも、これだけやったあとでまだ大丈夫、とは言いにくいこと。 サ. 公共投資については、無駄が多く、かつて、我々の雇用保険から作った「スパウザ」が、455億円かかったのですが、8億円しか回収できませんでした。我々の年金で1953億円かけて作った「グリーンピア」は、48億円しか回収できませんでした。 シ. 1990年代前半、100兆円近い公共投資をしたにも関わらず、これも奏功したとはいえなかったこと。 以上のような問題点をクリアしないと、すぐMMT理論に傾倒することはできません。 5. Tax haven taxation can be increased in terms of amount of money. 6. 最大の格差是正になること。Languageこのページは自動的に翻訳されました。元の内容と異なる場合がありますので、ご注意ください。

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